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【学术预告】The frequency of ancient polyploidy in hexapods and green plants





李峥,美国亚利桑那大学生态与进化生物学系Barker实验室博士生。2013年在美国迈阿密大学牛津分校获得植物学和动物学学士学位。主要研究兴趣是利用分子系统学和生物信息学等方法,探讨植物和动物基因组进化,古多倍化的发生和物种形成机制。目前以第一作者或合作作者身份在Nature, PNAS, Science Advances等国际主流期刊发表论文10余篇。

Zheng Li obtained a B. Sc. in Botany and Zoology at the Miami University, Ohio under the supervision of Dr. R. James Hickey and Dr. Michael A. Vincent. He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona under the supervision of Dr. Michael S. Barker. He is interested in plant and animal evolution, especially on understanding how their genomes evolved over time. His recent studies include inferring ancient genome duplication in gymnosperms (Science Advances, 2015), insects (PNAS, 2018), and green plants (Nature, 2019).