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Deletion of myosin light chain kinase in endothelial cells has a minor effects on the lipopolysaccharide-induced increase in microvascular endothelium permeability in mice 余洋 吕宁 陆峥 郑艳艳 张文呈陈晨彭亚静 何伟奇 朱敏生 陈华群 FEBS JOURNAL 2012年月日 年月日 279 8 1485-1494
Sequential Posttranslational Modifications Program FEN1 Degradation during Cell-Cycle Progression Zhigang Guo et al. Molecular Cell 2012年月日 年月日 47 3 444-456
Alpha-tocopheryl polyethylene glycolsuccinate-emulsified poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles for reversal of multidrug resistance in vitro Ying Wang, Miao Guo, Yu Lu, Li-Ying Ding, Wen-Ting Ron,Ya-Qing Liu, Fei-Fei Song and Shu-Qin Yu NANOTECHNOLOGY 2012年月日 年月日 23 49 495103(14pp)
Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthetase as a suppressor of the sepH mutation in Aspergillus nidulans, is required for the proper timing of septation 仲国维 魏文帆 管祁 马兆飞 魏华 徐旭士 张石柱 陆 玲 MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2012年月日 年月日 86 4 894-907
Rapid screening and quantification of sulfonate derivatives in white peony root by UHPLC-MS-MS 严志祥 陈 晨 谢夏冰 傅博 杨星昊 ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2012年月日 年月日 402 6 2173-2182
Phylogenomic Analysis Resolves the Interordinal Relationships and Rapid Diversification of the Laurasiatherian Mammals 周旭明 徐士霞 徐俊晓 陈炳耀 周开亚 杨光 SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY 2012年月日 年月日 61 1 150-164
Genome sequences of Pseudomonas fragi strains A22 and B25 Yanzhen Mei, Yu Sun, Jiarong He, Qin Wang, Yijing Sun and Weilan Shao JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY   2012年月日 年月日 194 12 3276-3277
EGF-functionalised Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Targeting Delivery of Etoposide Cheng Chen, Xiao-Xia Xie, Qian Zhou, Feng-Yi Zhang,Qiao-LingWang, Ya-Qing Liu, Yina Zou, Qing Tao, Xue-Mei Ji and Shu-Qin Yu NANOTECHNOLOGY 2012年月日 年月日 23 4 045104 (12pp)
Positive selection at the ASPM gene coincides with brain size enlargements in cetaceans 徐士霞 陈远 程月凤 杨丹 周旭明 徐俊晓 周开亚 杨光 PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIE 2012年月日 年月日 279 1746 4433-4440
Genome-wide SNP polymorphism and population divergence of finless porpoises 李树珍 徐士霞 万慧荣 纪合意 周开亚 杨 光 Genome Biology and Evolution 2013年月日 年月日 5 4 758-768
Strain-specific functional and numerical responses are required to evaluate impacts on predator–prey dynamics Zhou Yang Chris Lowe Will Crowther Andy Fenton David JS Montagnes ISME JOURNAL 2013年月日 年月日 7 2 405-416
Partitioning of the nuclear and mitochondrial tRNA 3′ end processing activities between two different proteins in Schizosaccharomyces pombe 张晓洁 赵巧巧 黄鹰 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2013年月日 年月日 288 38 27415-27422
Degradation of N-heterocyclic indole by a novel endophytic fungus Phomopsis liquidambari 陈晏 谢星光 任承钢 杨波 戴传超 Bioresource Technology 2013年月日 年月日 129 568-574
Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase from the Cladoceran Daphnia magna : Molecular Cloning and Expression in Response to Di fferent Acute Environmental Stressors Kai Lyu Xuexia Zhu Qianqian Wang Yafen Chen Zhou Yang Environmental Science and Technology 2013年月日 年月日 47 15 8887 - 8893
Baiji genomes reveal low genetic variability and new insights into secondary aquatic adaptations 周旭明 孙凤鸣 徐士霞 陈炳耀 周开亚 杨光 Nature Communications 2013年月日 年月日 4 2078(1-6)
PGC-1α regulates hepatic hepcidin expression and iron homeostasis in response to inflammation 钱近春 陈思禹 黄月玥 史晓丽 刘畅 MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 2013年月日 年月日 27 4 683-692
Both mTORC1 and mTORC2 are involved in the regulation of cell adhesion Long Chen*, Baoshan Xu, Lei Liu, Chunxiao Liu, Yan Luo, Xin Chen, Mansoureh Barzegar, Jun Chung, Shile Huang Oncotarget 2015年月日 年月日 6 9 7136-7150
Resveratrol prevents cadmium activation of Erk1/2 and JNK pathways from neuronal cell death via protein phosphatases 2A and 5 Chunxiao Liu, Ruijie Zhang, Chenxia Sun, Hai Zhang, Chong Xu, Wen Liu, Wei Gao, Shile Huang, Long Chen* Journal of Neurochemistry 2015年月日 年月日 135 3 466-478
Rapamycin prevents cadmium-induced neuronal cell death via targeting both mTORC1 and mTORC2 pathways Chong Xu, Chunxiao Liu, Lei Liu, Ruijie Zhang, Hai Zhang, Sujuan Chen, Yan Luo, Long Chen*, Shile Huang* Neuropharmacology 2015年月日 年月日 97 35-45
Rotenone Induction of Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibits mTOR-mediated S6K1 and 4E-BP1/eIF4E Pathways, Leading to Neuronal Apoptosis Qian Zhou, Chunxiao Liu, Wen Liu, Hai Zhang, Ruijie Zhang, Jia Liu, Jinfei Zhang, Chong Xu, Lei Liu, Shile Huang, Long Chen* Toxicological Sciences 2015年月日 年月日 143 1 81-96